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The Faroe Islands are truly spectacular. Made up of 18 volcanic islands located halfway between Iceland and Scotland, our islands have high cliffs, thousands of sea birds, some of the world's oldest inhabited log houses, moorlands, waterfalls, and overwhelmingly beautiful nature. The Faroe Islands must be Europe's best kept secret, as it is like no other place on earth. 

The unique landscape and location is hugely attractive to photographers, clouds and sun create a stunning display on the cliffs and sea. But the islands also lend themselves very well to great activities, like kayaking, surfing, mountain climbing and hiking. 

Further down the page: Read about our company * Travel facts Faroe Islands. There is also a map of our country and our latest Faroe islands travel news.

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Currency Danish Krone
Language Danish
Local time GMT (London) + 1.00hours
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Travel to Faroe Islands



Hotel for conferences

Conference hotel
Hotel Færoyar
- Situated in Tórshavn
- The hotel has 106 rooms
- 6 meeting rooms
- Banqueting Hall which will seat 340 guests at tables or 600 standing guests for receptions.
- Restaurant
- Free WiFi
- Fitness room

Travel to Faroe Islands

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Visit to Mykines, the westernmost island of the Faroes. You feel yourself at the edge of the world on this spectacular island. The hike from the old solitary Mykines village with turf-roofed houses to the lighthouse at the end of the the islet of Mykineshólmur is truly something special – an otherworldly experience at the edge of this world. This secluded island, with its rolling hills and precipitous cliffs, has deservedly become a traveller’s favourite.Mykines is known for its rich bird life, the mountains and the fantastic hike to the Mykines-islet.

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Eventcom: If you are looking for an experienced DMC to make the most of these beautiful islands, you have come to the right place. At Eventcom DMC Faroe Islands, we have a unique concept that manages to make the handling of employee business travel simple and clear. We have a fantastic team and take care of you and your clients from start to finish.

Travel Highlights Faroe Islands

There's only one way to fully experience the un-tamed nature of the Faroe Islands - and that's from the water. What better way to do it than on-board Norðlysið, a beautiful two masted schooner? A trip on the North Atlantic Ocean is always an adventure with a surprise from nature around every point - puffins skimming the waves, seals basking on cliffs, a school of whales or rare seabirds following the ship... We cannot guarantee what you will see in advance, but we can guarantee the experience of a lifetime.


Here is something for all senses. The sound of the sea birds, the weather-beaten formations and the sky touching the peaks of the cliffs. The boat slides into the grotto and day vanishes for a moment. Darkness and the sound of dripping water and then suddenly back out again, on the other side. An indescribable adventure to be experienced.


This trip will take you to the island Hestur where you find the magic Klæmints cave that sets the scene for our world-famous cave concerts. Experience for yourself the trip that is a compulsory part of the most honorary guests and head of states program, when they visit the islands.


Catch plaice, halibut, flounder, haddock and catfish. In addition to the fishing trip, you will experience the beautiful scenery, bird lift, seals and much more.


The most beautiful half- and full marathon. The route starts in front of SMS, the first 5 kilometers in Tórshavn and then the road towards Kaldbak to end again at SMS.


A drive through Streymoy and Eysturoy to Leirvík and from there through the sub-sea tunnel to Klaksvík. Along the drive you will experience wonderful views to the islands Fugloy, Svínoy, Borðoy and Kunoy. Along the route you will see the ancient Viking settlements at Leirvík and King Christian's church in Klaksvík.